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Using command assistance, we can view wsadmin scripting commands in the Jython language for the last action run in the admin console. This page discusses how to access command assistance from the admin console.

You must have WAS and the admin console running to access command assistance.

Use command assistance to see wsadmin scripting commands that correspond to actions in the admin console.

If a command assistance link is listed in the help portlet, wsadmin commands exist for the last console action that you completed, and command assistance is available for that action.

  1. Click the link under Command assistance to view wsadmin scripting commands for the last action run for this admin console panel.

    After the Command assistance window opens, it refreshes automatically when new command assistance data is available.

    Examples of actions include clicks on buttons or links in...

    • navigation bar
    • collection panel
    • detail panel

    The editing of forms is not a user action.

    The wsadmin scripting commands display in the Jython language in a secondary window that we can view by clicking on the Command assistance link in the help portlet.

    If we perform an admin console action after you launch the Command assistance window, whether or not the scripting commands display in the window depends on whether the browser supports Java script. If the browser supports Java script, the Command assistance window automatically refreshes the command list to reflect the most recent console action. If the browser does not support Java script, click the link again under Command assistance in the help portal to refresh the command list.

  2. To view the description of a specific wsadmin command, place the cursor over the command. Hover text is displayed.

  3. Optionally, log the command assistance data to a file by selecting...

    Log command assistance commands

    ...on the Preferences page of the admin console.

    A timestamp and the breadcrumb trail of the panel that produced the command assistance data are provided with the wsadmin data.

  4. Optionally, allow command assistance to emit JMX notifications by selecting....

    Enable command assistance notifications

    ...on the Preferences page of the admin console.

    Enablement of the notifications allows integration with product tools such as the RAD Jython editor to assist you in writing scripts.

    The notification type is...



When command assistance is unavailable in the help portlet:

Some console actions do not have wsadmin commands directly associated with them. When the help portlet on the right side of the admin console panel does not have a command assistance link in it, no command assistance data is available for the last console action.


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