To specify the generic notification definitions that are used in certificate expiration monitors, from the admin console page, click...

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Button Resulting action
New Adds a notification. The notification configures how the expiration monitor notifies the administrator of certificates that will expire within the specified threshold.
Delete Deletes an existing notification.

Notification name

Notification name.

Message log

Log certificate expiration information to the message log file.

Send E-mail

Send certificate expiration information to the list of users in the e-mail list.

List of E-mail Addresses

E-mail addresses that are sent notifications when certificates fall within the expiration threshold. Specify the SMTP server for each e-mail address. If an e-mail address is not specified, by default the appserver assumes that the SMTP server is "smtp-server." For example, if we type name@domain, the SMTP server will be smtp-server.domain.


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