Developing and installing customized installation packages

A customized installation package (CIP) is a customized WAS installation image that can include one or more maintenance packages, a configuration archive from a stand-alone application server profile, one or more enterprise archive files, and scripts and other files that help customize the resulting installation. The IBM Installation Factory for WAS creates CIPs.


Before you begin

This topic describes how to create and install a CIP as the root user on an operating system such as AIX or Linux, or as a user who belongs to the administrator group on a Windows platform.

Read through this topic and its related topics to prepare for creating and installing customized installation packages (CIPs). Become familiar with CIP installation options before you start to use the installation tools. Review the hardware and software requirements on the Supported hardware and software Web site to get started.

If you encounter a problem such as needing more disk space or more temporary space, or missing prerequisite packages on your system, cancel the installation, make the required changes, and restart the installation.

Log on as a member of the administrator group to successfully install the product. You cannot install the product correctly from a user ID that does not belong to the administrator group. Some steps of the installation procedure require the administrator group ID to have the following advanced user rights, Act as part of the operating system and Log on as a service.


About this task

This topic introduces the IBM Installation Factory for WebSphere Application Server, which use to create a CIP. Get started by creating a build definition for the CIP using the Installation Factory console. Use the ifgui command to start the Installation Factory console.

After defining the build parameters, create the CIP, which has a version of the WAS Installation wizard. See Getting started with the Installation Factory for more information about defining CIP parameters and creating the CIP.

The following procedure describes how to get started creating and installing a customized installation package for your WAS product.



  1. Use the Installation Factory to create a customized installation package.

    See Getting started with the Installation Factory for more information.

  2. Prepare your operating platform for installation.

    See Preparing the operating system for product installation .

  3. Install the Network Deployment product using the CIP.

    The CIP Installation wizard performs the following actions:

    • Automatically checks prerequisites.

    • Looks for a previous WebSphere Application Server v6 installation to determine installation options to display.

      Options include adding features and maintenance to the product binaries, and installing a new set of product binaries at the updated maintenance level that is included in the CIP.

    • Prompts you to start the Profile Creation wizard, where you can create a deployment manager profile, an application server profile, or a custom profile.

    Choose one of the following installation scenarios to continue the installation:

    • Perform a custom installation with the CIP Installation wizard.

      See Installing a CIP for Network Deployment .

      The custom installation lets you select features to install.

    • Install maintenance packages and additional features with the CIP Installation wizard to increment an existing installation.

      See Installing CIP features on an existing Network Deployment product .

      The CIP Installation wizard can install maintenance to an existing product without installing features.

    • Perform a silent installation with the CIP Installation wizard .

      See Installing a CIP silently .

      A silent installation requires you to edit the response file that contains all of your installation choices. After creating a valid response file, you issue the install command with the silent parameter from a command window.

    The installer program does not support the ISMP-console installation method at this time.



Use a CIP to install IBM WAS Network Deployment by following this procedure.


What to do next

See Fast paths for WebSphere Application Server for information about getting started deploying applications.


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