To create a customized installation package (CIP), first create a build definition file, which the Installation Factory uses to generate the CIP. The build definition file describes exactly what the Installation Factory includes in the CIP so that you can achieve the installation customizations that you require.

The Build Definition wizard within the Installation Factory GUI steps you through the process of creating a build definition file. You can create as many different build definition files as needed to define the CIPs you require. You can also use the Build Definition wizard to modify an existing build definition file. A build definition file saves as an XML document in a location that you choose.

See sample build definition files in the samples/was directory.

Each panel in the Build Definition wizard prompts you for information about the CIP. For example, prompts exist for the locations of maintenance packages, EAR files, scripts, and other components that you can include. Another prompt requests the location for generating the CIP. All of this information is saved in the new build definition file, or modified and saved in a build definition file that you are changing.

The last wizard panel provides an option for generating a CIP that is based on the content of the build definition file that you just defined. Alternately, you can only save the build definition file, for later use with the ifcli command. The ifcli command generates the CIP outside of the GUI, perhaps even on a different machine or operating system.

When you create a new build definition file, an initial wizard helps you choose the specific product and installation package to customize, such as an installation package for the WAS product. This wizard is the Product Selection wizard.

Once you have selected the installation package to customize, the Build Definition wizard helps you create the build definition file, as previously described.

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