Migration Information

  1. Migration Information

  2. Summary of changes

  3. Changes for this edition (plug-in version

  4. Introduction to WebSphere MQ V6.0 migration

  5. 64-bit queue manager migration information

  6. 32-bit and 64-bit files

  7. COBOL copybooks

  8. Internet Protocol V6 (IPv6) Migration

  9. WebSphere MQ platforms that support IPv6

  10. Key points

  11. Considerations when implementing IPv6 in a network

  12. Migrating a queue manager to IPv6

  13. Migrating a cluster to IPv6

  14. Abbreviated migration scenarios

  15. Migrating Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Connections

  16. Determining if SSL connections have been set up

  17. SSL migration steps

  18. Step 1: Ensuring complete certificate chains

  19. SSL certificates and certificate chains

  20. Why ensure complete SSL certificate chains

  21. Where WebSphere MQ certificate stores are located

  22. How to check for complete certificate chains

  23. Adding missing CA certificates into certificate stores

  24. If WebSphere MQ version 6.0 has already been installed

  25. Step 2: Migrating SSL certificates into GSKit database files

  26. Using the wizard to schedule certificate migration

  27. Using the AMQTCERT (Transfer Certificates) command

  28. Automatically transferring for all queue managers

  29. Automatically transferring for a specified queue manager

  30. Automatically transferring for clients

  31. Manually transferring for a specified queue manager

  32. Reasons and remedies for failed certificate transfer

  33. Step 3: Converting CRLs and ARLs

  34. Step 4: Ensuring SSLPEER values have correctly ordered OU entries

  35. Why you need to check for correctly ordered OU entries

  36. How to display and change SSLPEER values

  37. SSL inter-working issue between WebSphere MQ versions

  38. WebSphere MQ for z/OS migration

  39. Additional migration information

  40. Channel migration

  41. MQCD Version

  42. DCE support

  43. External Transaction Manager XA support

  44. Java archive (JAR) file com.ibm.mqbind.jar

  45. Queue manager attributes SCHINIT and SCMDSERV

  46. Starting and stopping services and listeners

  47. UNIX directory permissions

  48. High availability clustering

  49. WebSphere MQ transport for SOAP

  50. WebSphere MQ for AIX

  51. Migrating from UDP

  52. WebSphere MQ for Linux

  53. Migrating from earlier versions

  54. Migrating the ccsid.tbl file from MQSeries V5.2 to WebSphere MQ V6.0

  55. Migrating the WebSphere MQ Explorer

  56. Error connecting to a migrated queue manger

  57. Using environment variables

  58. WebSphere MQ for Windows

  59. PL/I support

  60. WebSphere MQ service objects

  61. Migrating the WebSphere MQ Explorer

  62. Error connecting to a migrated queue manager

  63. WebSphere MQ for z/OS

  64. Migrating from AMI