WSIF API reference: Finding a port factory or service

To find a port you use the WSIFService interface, which is a factory for ports.

The port factory models and supports the WSDL approach in which a service is available on one or more ports. The factory hides the implementation of the port from the user. The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) supports dynamic ports that are based on a particular protocol and transport, and configured using the WSDL at run-time. For example, the dynamic SOAP port can invoke any SOAP service based on the WSDL description of that service. Using this service you can hide and modify the set of available ports at run-time.

Here is the WSIFService interface.

To find a service from a WSDL document at a Web address, or from a code-generated code base, you can use the WSIFServiceFactory class.


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