WSIFService interface

The WSIFService interface is responsible for generating an instance of the WSIFOperation interface to use for a particular invocation of a service operation.

The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) service stores a list of providers that can each generate a WSIF operation for a particular WSDL binding. This service looks up providers by the provider type. For example the service knows about one provider that handles SOAP ports and other providers that handle Java ports that you define. In a managed environment, the container can configure the WSIFService interface.

Here is the Javadoc for the WSIFService interface.

A WSIFService implementation can choose a preferred port based on a number of criteria. The WSIFService implementation can set the preferred port, or it can be set by calling the setPreferredPort method.

The getPort method returns an instance of the WSIFPort class that is used to invoke a service on the port. Variants of the getPort method are used to define the characteristics of the port to be created...

The return value is null if the port name is not valid.

If a port is chosen (either by the WSIFService implementation, or by the setPreferredPort method), then the WSIFService implementation validates that the relevant provider exists and is configured. If the provider fails this validation check, the WSIFService interface chooses any other port for which a provider is defined. For example, if the preferred port is SOAP over JMS but the JMS libraries are not available, then WSIF chooses another port. If no preferred port is set, or the preferred port is not available, the WSIF implementation chooses the first available port listed in the WSDL.

The getAvailablePortNames() method returns, as an iteration of strings, the list of WSDL port names filtered by the set of available providers.

The getDefinition() method returns the WSDL definition for the service. If the WSDL definition is not available, this method returns null.


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