Change HTTP transport ports


Change HTTP transports when a conflicting HTTP transport setting is preventing an appserver instance from starting.

  1. Look for symptoms of port number conflicts.

  2. Edit an appserver configuration.

    1. Open the server.xml configuration file for the server application server.


    2. Look for

      transports xmi:type="applicationserver.webcontainer:HTTPTransport

      The administrative console application uses transport ports 9090 and 9043. The Sample applications use transport ports 9080 and 9443. Change the port numbers and save the file. Make a record of the new port numbers.

    3. Open...

      $WAS_HOME/config/cells/node/virtualhosts.xml view alias entries for transport ports defined in the server.xml file.

    4. Look for aliases xmi:id to change port number assignments for any ports you changed.