Add people to your network 

Use profiles to create a network of work colleagues and useful contacts.

About this task

You can invite people to join your network by sending them an invitation.

Note: You do not need to be in Profiles to add someone to your network. You can connect to people directly from the profile business card in any of the IBM Connections applications. For example, if a person's profile is returned as part of search results, or if you are members of the same community as someone and you want to add them to your network, you can do so using the business card.


To add someone to your network...

  1. Open the profile page for the person that you want to add to your network.

  2. Click Invite to My Network.

      If you are not already logged in to the Profiles application, you are directed to log in.

  3. Accept the default message or enter a message of your own inviting the person to join your network.

  4. Enter keywords that define how you are connected to the person in the Add tags field.

  5. To receive the person's latest updates, click Also Follow.

  6. Click Send invitation.


The invitee receives an email notification to let them know that you have invited them to join your network. If they accept your invitation, they are added to your My Network page, and the Invite to My Network link no longer displays when you next view their profile page. There is no notification to let you know when people accept or reject an invitation to join your network.

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