Follow people 

Follow a person when you want to keep up-to-date with their latest updates. You do not have to add a person to your network in order to follow them.

About this task

When you are interested in another user's activities and content but do not want to add them to your network, you can stay up-to-date with what they're doing in IBM Connections by following them. For example, if you want to hear about what the CEO of your organization is blogging about, you might want to follow them to get their latest updates.

Unlike inviting someone to join your network, where the person must accept your invitation to become connected to you, following does not require the approval of the person that you want to follow. A person can see who is following them by selecting My Network -> Followers in Profiles, but they cannot remove people from their Followers list, and they cannot block prospective followers.


To follow a person...

  1. Open the profile of the person that you want to follow.

  2. Click Follow.

What to do next

You can set your email preferences so that you receive regular notifications about the people that you are following. For more information, see Setting email notification preferences. You can also check the latest updates for the people that you are following from the Home page by looking at the People news feed on the Updates tab. For more information, see Use the Updates tab.

If you are following a lot of people and you can no longer keep up with the updates that you are getting, you might decide to confine your following list to a smaller number of people. Or you might want to stop following a person if you find that their updates are not relevant to you. To stop following a person, open their profile and click Stop following.

You can also manage your following list from the My Network page. Select My Network -> Following to display the full list of the people that you are following.

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