Viewing profiles 

View profiles to find contact and work-related information for people, and connect with them in different ways.

In addition to contact details and work background, a profile provides rich, social information about a person that can help you decide if you want to connect with them. You can find out how you are related to the person, what you have in common, view their latest status updates, and keep up with what they've been doing lately in the other applications.

You can also connect with people directly from their profile. For example, you can email them, invite them to join your network, or follow them. When Sametime awareness is enabled, the person's online status is displayed, and you can start an instant chat with them directly from their profile.

Note: The IBM Connections Plug-in for Sametime must be installed for this information to display.

If you want to store the profile owner's contact information, click the business card icon to download their virtual business card (vCard). A vCard is a file that stores basic contact information following the Internet Mail Consortium specification. You can add new contacts by using your email system to import vCard files.

View a person's profile to find the following information:

The Board

Contact information


Recent Posts

Profile tags

Things in common


Who connects us?

Reporting structure

Table 1. Reporting structure views

View Description
Full Report-to Chain Shows the profile owner's position in the organizational hierarchy, from the profile owner up to the top of the organizational chart.
Same Manager Shows the people who also report to the profile owner's manager.
People Managed Shows the people that the profile owner manages.


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