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Install and uninstall a Language Pack on Linux and UNIX systems - WAS agent

A Language Pack enables user interaction with the agent in a language other than English. For example, when a Spanish language pack is installed, the Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces and the internal messages of the agent are displayed in Spanish.

To enable full support for a language, install the Language Pack on the agent host and all hosts where the Tivoli monitoring support files for the agent are installed (Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Servers, all Tivoli Enterprise Portal Servers, and all Tivoli Enterprise Portal desktop clients).

If you no longer want to use a language, uninstall the language pack for it.

Before installing or uninstalling a Language Pack, ensure that:


  1. Install a Language Pack on Linux and UNIX systems
  2. Uninstall a Language Pack on Linux and UNIX systems

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