IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Agent for WebSphere Applications


The ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications component provides...

It supports...

data collector

The data collector runs on every monitored application server host, except for deployment managers.

Information is collected from appservers using the following methods:

The data collector sends the information to the monitoring agent. It can also be configured to send it to the Managing Server.

Monitoring Agent

The Monitoring Agent runs on every monitored host (except IBM i servers and the deployment manager in WebSphere Network Deployment or Extended Deployment).

The Monitoring Agent collects information from the data collector, processes the information, and aggregates it for presentation to the user. It also parses application server logs.

In WebSphere Extended Deployment, if cell monitoring is configured, the monitoring agent communicates to the deployment manager over the network to retrieve configuration and performance information for the cell.

The Monitoring Agent sends monitoring information to the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server. It also receives Take Action commands from the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server. When these commands involve server management actions (starting, stopping, or restarting the application server), the monitoring agent performs these actions.

Server management actions are not available on z/OS and IBM i.

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