IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Method Entry and Exit

You can use this item to select classes to include or exclude on the monitored JVM used for classes and methods in L3 methods traces.

  1. In the DC Profiles Menu, click Method Entry/Exit.

  2. A list of existing classes assigned to the profile display.

  3. Click New to add a new class to the profile.

  4. From the Lookup Sever drop-down menu, select the server.

  5. A list of available classes display.

  6. Click a file to expand the view and see the classes.

  7. Select the check boxes associated with the classes you want to add click Add.

  8. Click Save to add the classes to Method Trace Entry and Exit.

  9. To remove a class, select the check box for the class you want to remove then click Apply and Save.

To create a class to add to Method Entry/Exit.

  1. Type Class Name.

  2. Type the New Method Name.

  3. Click Add to display the class.

  4. Select the check box then click Apply to add the class to the list of existing classes for Method Exit Entry.

  5. From the list select the check boxes for the classes to add.

  6. Click Save.

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