IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Application components


Typically run on the monitored computers. The agents...

Except for ITCAM Agent for HTTP Servers, the agents consist of two distinct components:

The data collector can communicate with the Managing Server.

ITCAM Agent for HTTP Servers consists only of a Monitoring Agent; it does not include a data collector and does not communicate with the Managing Server.

Support files for the agents

Installed on the...

Support files...

A different set of support files is used for each agent.

Managing Server

Optional component of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics. Not a part of any of the agents. Communicates with the data collectors; its Visualization Engine provides a user interface for "deep dive" diagnostics information. The user can drill down from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal to the Visualization Engine when detailed information is required.

The Visualization Engine can also be used as a stand-alone user interface; this user interface is a good solution for software developers and performance analysts.

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