IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Role configuration

The Role configuration page shows a table of permissions for security roles defined in the Visualization Engine. From this page, you can create, modify, and delete security roles.

To view the Role Configuration page, from the top navigation, click...

To control user account access to the product functions, each user account is assigned a security role. The role grants access to specific product functions. A user account can have only one role; the same role can be assigned to many accounts.

The rows in the table represent product functions; columns represent security roles. Every cell of the table shows whether function (row) is allowed for the role (column).

The Administrator, Operator, and User roles are predefined and cannot be changed; you can change, add, and delete other roles.

To change permissions for a role, check or clear the boxes in its column. To save changes, click the Save button; to undo changes before they are saved, click the Reset button. (You might need to scroll the page down to reach these buttons).

To delete a role, click the X button next to its name.

To create a role with blank permissions, in the left navigation pane, click Create Role.

To create a role with permissions copied from another role, in the left navigation pane, click Duplicating a role.Duplicate Role.

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