IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Set up a Heap Analysis

The Heap Analysis captures the runtime heap of an application server and breaks it down by the class names of the objects residing in the heap at the time of the snapshot, while providing the number of instances and the size they occupy.

Set up a Heap Analysis:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

      Problem Determination > Memory Diagnosis > Heap Analysis

  2. Select a group and a server.

  3. Select Yes or No to perform a garbage collection on the heap prior to the Heap Analysis snapshot.

  4. Click OK. The Heap Analysis results display in the same window.

  5. To narrow the results, enter the names of the classes you want to ignore into the Exclude (Class name) list. If you specify regular expressions in the Exclude list, but want to monitor a subset of these, enter the names of classes you want to monitor into the Exclude Override (Class name) list.

  6. Click Apply. The new Heap Analysis displays.

  7. Click Reset to return the class name filters to their original settings.

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Heap Analysis

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