IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Custom L2

The data collector uses a technique called Byte Code Instrumentation (BCI) to collect data from various types of J2EE APIs that typically operate as nested requests. BCI is automatically enabled for these types of APIs. You can use Custom L2 to enable and disable L2 instrumentation components to lower the monitoring workload on the data collector. You can also define new L2 events using the Custom L2 events option.

  1. Click the profile name.

  2. In the DC Profiles Menu, click Custom L2. You can enable or disable the following events:

      JDBC Java Database Connectivity
      JMS Java Message Service
      HTTP Session Count
      CTG CICS Transaction Gateway
      JDO Java Data Objects
      MQI Message Queue Interface
      EJB Enterprise Java Beans
      JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface
      JCA Java Connector Architecture
      Axis Web Service JBoss and Weblogic
      RMI Resource Manager Interface

  3. Select the check box to enable an event.

  4. Clear the check box to disable an event.

  5. To add Custom L2 events In the Custom L2 event area of the page click New.

  6. In the Event Type drop down menu, select one of the following options to enable or disable the instrumentation:

    • EntityBean
    • SessionBean
    • Message Driven Bean

  7. Type the Class Name.
  8. Select the Enabled check box to save the event.

  9. On the main page select the check box to assign the custom event to the profile.
  10. Click Apply, click Save.

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