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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Management script wpfadmin and usage

The wpfadmin is a python script that allows the user to perform several administrative operations on a cluster. This script is meant not only for customer use, but it also provides programming examples, allowing them to create their own automation command library.

The script calls a HA manager MBean (JMXCoordinator), which then calls directly to the HA Manager runtime support to perform the operations as, described above. The following is the list of operations to be supported in the wpfadmin script, along with specific usage scenarios.

The application WPFKeyBasedPartitionSample is installed to a two node cluster with 30 partitions divided into two classifications: PK000001 - PK000010, which belongs to class1, and PK000011 - PK000030, which belongs to class2. The system wpfsample3 is the deployment manager and has four application servers, and wpfsample2 has five application servers.

In the examples that follow, the wpfadmin command is run to demonstrate example invocations. On the Windows platforms, the wpfadmin.bat application can be used, and referenced on the command line as wpfadmin. The command functions identically across all supported platforms unless documented otherwise for a specific command. When dealing with a large number of partitions, some wpfadmin commands might get OutOfMemory exceptions.

To fix, edit the <WAS_INSTALL_ROOT>/bin/wsadmin.bat ( on Unix), and increase the -mx256m option for the platform you are running on to -mx512m.

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Manage the partitioning facility environment

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Manage the partitioning facility environment

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