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Enable logs

Use logs in an environment without WAS

With stand-alone catalog and container servers, you use the default log location or set a new log directory location. The catalog server logs are in the location where you ran the start server command.

Set the log location for container servers

By default, the logs for a container are in the directory where the server command was run. If you start the servers in...


...the logs and trace files are in...

<eXtremeScale_home>/bin/logs/<server_name> the bin directory.

To specify an alternate location for container-server logs, create a properties file, such as, with the following contents:


The workingDirectory property is the root directory for the logs and optional trace file. WXS creates a directory with the name of the container server with a SystemOut.log file, a SystemErr.log file, and a trace file if trace was enabled with the traceSpec option. To use a properties file during container startup, use the -serverProps option and provide the server properties file location.


Common information messages to look for in the SystemOut.log file are start confirmation messages, such as follows:

CWOBJ1001I: ObjectGrid Server catalogServer01 is ready to process requests.

Use logs in a WAS environment

If you are running in WAS, consult WAS Information Center.

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