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Release notes

Links are provided to the product support Web site, to product documentation, and to last minute updates, limitations, and known problems for the product.

Access last-minute updates, limitations, and known problems

The release notes are available on the product support site as technotes.

To see a list of all the technotes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale, go to the Support Web page. Clicking the links provided here will result in a search of the Support Web page for the relevant release notes, which will be returned as a list.

Access system and software requirements

The hardware and software requirements are documented on the following pages:

Access product documentation

For the entire information set, go to the Library page.

Access the product support Web site

To search for the latest technotes, downloads, fixes, and other support-related information, go to the Support page.

Contact IBM Software Support

If you encounter a problem with the product, first try the following actions:

If you cannot resolve the problem by any of the preceding methods, contact IBM Technical Support.

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