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Copy files of Native API applications for iOS into project

To use the IBM Worklight Native API for iOS in your native app...

  1. In the project for the native app for iOS (for example, in Apple Xcode v4.5 IDE) add the WorklightAPI folder and the worklight.plist file of your Native API application to the project.

    In the window...

      Choose options for adding these files the check box...

      Copy items into destination group's folder

    ...and the option...

      Create groups for any added folders

  2. In the Build Phases tab, link the following frameworks and libraries to your project:

    • CFNetwork
    • SystemConfiguration
    • MobileCoreServices
    • CoreData
    • Security
    • zlib

  3. Select the project name and the target for your application.

  4. Click the Build Phases tab.

  5. In the Build Phases tab:

    1. Open the list in the Link Binary with Libraries section, and make sure that libWorklightStaticLibProjectNative.a is visible in the list.

    2. Open the list in the Copy Bundle Resources section, and make sure that the files from your resources folder are added to that section.

  6. Click the Build Settings tab.

  7. In the Build Settings tab:

    1. Add the following entry for HEADER_SEARCH_PATH...


    2. In the filed...

        Other Linker Flags field

      set... -ObjC

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