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Configure Authenticators and Realms

Authenticators are defined within <realm> elements in authenticationConfig.xml. The <realms> element contains a separate <realm> subelement for each realm.

Attribute Description
name The unique name by which the realm is referenced by the protected resources.
loginModule The name of the login module used by the realm.

Element Description
<className> The class name of the authenticator.
<parameter> Optional. Represents the name-value pairs which are passed to the authenticator upon instantiation. May appear multiple times.
<onLoginUrl> Optional. Defines the path to which the client is forwarded upon successful login. If not specified, then depending on the authenticator type, either the current request processing is continued, or a saved request is restored.

If a realm uses a Facebook authenticator, its name must start with "facebook.". The use of Facebook realms is deprecated in Worklight version 5.0.5. Support might be removed in any future version.

Parent Authentication configuration