IBM Rational Functional Tester
Version 8.1.1000
IBM Rational Functional Tester API Reference

Project Version 2.3

Class Subitem

java.lang.Object   extended by com.rational.test.ft.script.Subitem
Direct Known Subclasses:
Anchor, Button, Cell, Column, Date, DPosition, Id, Index, List, Location, Position, Property, Row, RowColumnIndex, Separator, Value, Week, WeekDay

public abstract class Subitem
extends java.lang.Object

Base class for all subitem objects used in script commands. Subitems are used to describe a part of an object in the software under test. For example, a list contains a collection of items, each of which can commonly be described by either an index (see Index) or by its text (see Text).


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public Subitem()