Disassociating a Functional Test project from a Rational project

If you no longer want to associate a Functional Test project with a Rational project, you can disassociate it from a Rational project.

When you disassociate a project from the current Rational project:

To disassociate a Functional Test project from a Rational project:


  1. Start Functional Tester and log into the Rational project.

  2. In the Functional Tester Projects view, right-click the Functional Test project to display a shortcut menu.

  3. Click Disassociate from current Rational Project.

    Disassociate from current Rational project is available only if you have administrative privileges with the project.

  4. Click Yes.

    Functional Tester removes the name of the Rational project that you associated with a Functional Test project from the Functional Test project in the Functional Tester Projects view.

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