Functional test projects and Rational projects

When you create a Functional test project, you can associate it with a Rational project to take advantage of the Functional Tester integration features with TestManager if you have TestManager installed.

Note About TestManager Integration: Functional Tester is integrated with Rational TestManager version 7.0.2. If you have the 7.0.2 version of TestManager, you will be able to use the integrated features of Functional Tester and TestManager.

When you associate an existing functional tester project with the current Rational project, you can use TestManager to start Functional Tester to create and play back functional test scripts, use the TestManager Agent to play back scripts on a remote computer, and manage logs from TestManager. You must have Rational Administrator and TestManager installed to use these integrated features.

The benefits of associating a Functional Tester project with the current Rational project are:


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