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Portal V6.1.x on application server V7 stand-alone: Upgrade the portal profile

To migrate properties, upgrade database domains, and apply other updates needed to bring the profile to the current level, run the upgrade-profile task.

Before upgrading the profile, if you have configured VMM (lookaside) in source environment, make sure you have the correct JDBC driver defined.

  1. Access the WAS admin console.

  2. Navigate through Environment > WebSphere variables.


  4. Make sure is it configured to use db2jcc4.jar.

  1. cd WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine

      ./ConfigEngine.sh upgrade-profile -DWasPassword=WasAdminPwd -DPortalAdminPwd=PortalAdminPwd


    • If you updated the database schemas manually, include the parameter -DDbSafeMode=true.

      ConfigEngine.bat upgrade-profile -DWasPassword=WasAdminPwd -DPortalAdminPwd=PortalAdminPwd -DDbSafeMode=true

      Do not specify this parameter if you want the migration process to update the database schemas for you.

    • If we are migrating a large amount of content in the JCR repository (WCM data), include the parameter -Dwcm.transactionTimeout=1200

      ConfigEngine.bat upgrade-profile -DWasPassword=WasAdminPwd -DPortalAdminPwd=PortalAdminPwd -Dwcm.transactionTimeout=1200.

  2. If you cloned the FileServer portlet in the earlier version and supplied HTML files in the directory...


    ...copy those files to...


    ...after running the upgrade-profile task and before restarting the server, to make the files accessible in the new version.

    For IBM i, the directories are wp_user_old_root and PortalServer_root_user, respectively.

  3. Verify the migrated portal.

    1. Start the portal server

    2. Open a web browser and enter the URL for the migrated portal.

      The migrated portal URL takes this form:


      For example, if the original portal URL is http://www.example.com:10040/wps/portal, the URL for the migrated portal is...


      During migration, the following changes are made to wkplc.properties stored in the WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine/properties directory:

      • WpsContextRootOriginal is set to the original value of the context root before migration was performed. This property is for reference only and is not used by the migrated portal.

      • WpsContextRoot property is set to the migrated value original-context-root_migrated (for example, wps_migrated).

Parent: Stand-alone environment
Plan for migration: Security