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WebSphere variables settings page

Use this page to define the name and value of a WebSphere variable. A WebSphere variable is a name and value pair used to provide the setting for one of the string data type attributes contained in one of the XML formatted configuration files residing in the product repository.

To view this dmgr console page, click Environment > WebSphere variables > WebSphere_variable_name.


Symbolic name for a product variable. After the variable is defined, this symbolic name can be specified in the Value field of any other product configuration field that accepts a string value. Whenever the application server encounters a configuration field containing one or more symbolic names, it replaces the symbolic names with their defined values. For example, you might define a variable name that represent a commonly used file path or URL.

WAS variables are used for:

For example, WAS_SERVER_NAME is the pre-defined symbolic name of the variable that represents the name of the default application server provided with the product.


Value the symbolic name represents.

For example, server1 is the value of a pre-defined variable WAS_SERVER_NAME.
Information Value
Data type String

Documents the purpose of a variable.
Information Value
Data type String

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