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Multiple clusters

Multiple clusters are sets of servers managed together within a cell, participating in workload management. All WebSphere Portal-based clusters must be at the same version.


Enterprise applications are cell-scoped. With WebSphere Portal, there can only be one enterprise application with a given name in the cell. IBM WebSphere Virtual Enterprise can manage multiple editions of the same enterprise application, including the mapping of these editions to different servers and clusters, or to different clusters.

Enterprise applications are typically deployed to the dmgr, and then mapped to target clusters. Some portlets, including WebSphere Portal administration, can be shared across multiple clusters. Other portlets should be specific to certain clusters.

The J2EE security configuration for the cell is shared by all servers, and clusters managed in the cell. Each server and cluster must share the same underlying user repository.

If multiple clusters need access to a common Process Server, the Process Server client should be used to allow remote access to the central process server cluster.

For ease of maintenance or failover with multiple identically configured portal installations in the same cell, database domains can be shared.

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