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Database sharing between multiple clusters

If two clusters configured identically exist within the same cell, all database instances should be shared except the release and JCR database domain. This ensures that all user-specific and community data is shared between clusters, while each cluster's static configuration can be independently updated.

Assign the data source names for the domains based on which databases should be shared between the clusters, and which should be unique per cluster. A single data source cannot be used for multiple domains if the domains are a mixture of shared and non-shared. When enterprise applications are to be shared across all clusters in the same cell, to ensure data source bindings can be resolved on every cluster in which they run, maintain the same number of data sources with identical names. When installing the primary node of the next cluster (Cluster B), the node can be configured to use the shared database domains by setting the appropriate property values in wkplc_dbdomain.properties and wkplc_dbtype.properties.

Parent: Multiple clusters
Shared database domains