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AIX stand-alone: Set up a DB2 database

All DB2 instructions apply to DB2 pureScale except where specifically noted.

The instructions in this section apply to a Type 4 configuration except where noted. For JDBC Type 2 drivers, perform additional steps. For topics that require additional instructions, see the Type 2 configuration section for the Type 2 version of the instructions.

Set up a DB2 database

  1. Install DB2
  2. Create groups and assign users
  3. Modify DB2 database properties
  4. Create DB2 databases
  5. Set up DB2 automatically or manually
  6. Optional: Configure JCR collation support
  7. Configure Portal to use DB2
  8. Enable DB2 pureScale load balancing feature
  9. Configure DB2 for large file handling in WCM
  10. Type 2 driver support

Parent: AIX stand-alone: Configure Portal to use a database