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AIX stand-alone: Configure JCR collation support

JCR collation is recommended when the language locales of the users do not natively collate correctly in the DB2 database and when language locale correct ordering is important.

  1. Stop the WebSphere Portal server.

  2. Copy the following files from the WebSphere Portal server to a temporary directory on the DB2 server:

  3. Set up collation on the database where the JCR domain is located.

    1. cd db2_instance_owner_home/sqllib/function

    2. Run the command:

        db2home/sqllib/java/jdk/bin/jar -xvf temporary location/wp.content.repository.install.jar icm/CollationUDF.class

    3. Change to the temporary directory where you copied the files in a previous step.

    4. Edit registerCollationUDFTemplate.sql and change all SCHEMA references to the JCR schema; for example, JCR.

      The value set for SCHEMA should match the value set for jcr.DbSchema in wkplc_dbdomain.properties .

    5. Connect to the JCR database...

        db2 connect to jcrdb user user_ID using password

    6. Run the script:

      db2 -tvf temporary location/registerCollationUDFTemplate.sql

    7. Disconnect from the JCR database.

    8. Restart the DB2 instance.

  4. Verify the UDF is registered properly.

    1. Log in as the db2instanceID.

      1. Open a DB2 terminal window.

      2. Run the following command...

          db2 connect to jcrdb user user_ID using password

        Connect to the JCR database as a database runtime user with the user ID and password for the WebSphere Portal JCR data source.

      3. Register the UDF: values schema.sortkeyj('abc','en')

  5. Edit...


    Add the following section to the end of the file:

      # Enable/Disable collation support for all DB2 platforms   # Disabled by default   jcr.query.collation.db2.enabled = true 
      # Database specific collation mappings   
    # These mappings apply map a Java locale name into a collation name   
      # supported by the underlying database.
      # Example mappings for DB2 platform 
      # English   jcr.query.collation.en = en
        # Swedish   jcr.query.collation.sv = sv
      jcr.query.collation.zh = zh
      jcr.query.collation.de = de
      jcr.query.collation.da = da
      jcr.query.collation.hu = hu
      jcr.query.collation.jp = jp

  6. Start the WebSphere Portal server.

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