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AIX stand-alone: Create groups and assign users

Before transferring the databases to DB2 , create the users and groups specified in wkplc_dbdomain.properties and assign the users to their corresponding group. The user and group names must comply with both the database management system software requirements and WebSphere Portal requirements.

  1. If you have provided a value in wkplc_dbdomain.properties indicating that a runtime user should be used to connect to the database at runtime, create a user for...


    When creating these users, use the same user ids and passwords entered in wkplc_dbdomain.properties.

  2. If you have provided a value in wkplc_dbdomain.properties for dbdomain.DbRuntimeRoleName, create a group for...


  3. Assign the created user for dbdomain.DbUser to the created group for dbdomain.DbConfigRoleName.

  4. If dbdomain.DbRuntimeUser is specified, assign the created user for dbdomain.DbRuntimeUser to the created group for dbdomain.DbRuntimeRoleName.

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