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Create or augment profiles on AIX


We can create new profiles or augment existing IBM WAS default profiles or dmgr profiles with IBM WebSphere Portal. Use pmt.sh, if supported, to enter all required parameters on a GUI. PMT automatically populates default values. We can also use manageProfiles.sh to enter all required parameters on a command line. This method allows us to automate the process. If you have an existing WAS default profile, use manageProfiles.sh. The PMT interface is not supported for augmentation in this scenario.

Creating or augmenting a profile requires a profile template, which is used to execute the required actions. The templates can be found in...

Create or augment the profile

  1. Create a Portal application server profile
  2. Create a Portal custom profile
  3. Augment a stand-alone default profile with WebSphere Portal
  4. Augment a dmgr profile

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