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Augment a dmgr profile on AIX

An existing dmgr profile can be augmented with the configuration settings required to set up an IBM WebSphere Portal cluster.

Augmenting the dmgr profile enables your dmgr to manage portal nodes and to modify the following values to fit the portal usage:

Complete the following steps to augment an existing dmgr profile:

Augment the dmgr profile:

Option Steps

  1. Run...

      cd WAS_HOME/bin/ProfileManagement

  2. Click Launch Profile Management Tool

  3. Select the dmgr profile and then click Augment.

  4. On the Augment Selection panel, select dmgr for Portal, and then click Next.

  5. On the Profile Augmentation Summary panel, review the information collected by the wizard, and then click Augment.

  6. Click Finish to exit PMT.
manageprofiles.sh cd WAS_HOME/bin
./manageprofiles.sh -augment -templatePath  WAS_HOME/profileTemplates/management.portal.augment
   -profileName dmgr 

Use the continuation character "\" to avoid seeing the "not found" error message.

In this example, the profile template is installed under...


The existing dmgr profile is named dmgr and is located under...


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