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Create a Portal custom profile on AIX

Custom profiles do not contain any servers or applications; they are used as run time environments to create additional cluster members. After creating the profile, the node must be federated into an existing cell. The portal server is added when we add the additional nodes to an existing cluster.

Create a profile used as an additional node:

Create a profile used for additional cluster members:

Choose a Node Name that is different from what you entered for the primary node.

Option Steps

  1. Run...

      cd WAS_HOME/bin/ProfileManagement

  2. Click Launch Profile Management Tool

  3. Click Create to create a profile.

  4. On the Environment Selection panel, select the...

      WebSphere Portal 8.0.0 | Custom Portal profile

  5. Select the button...

      Advanced profile creation

  6. On the panel...

      Profile Name and Location

    ...provide the name for the new profile and its location in the file system. The name and location must be unique from other existing profiles. Click Next to continue.

  7. On the panel...

      Node and Host Names

    ...provide the node name and TCP/IP host name for the new profile.

    To federate this profile, the node name must be unique from other profiles in the same management cell (under dmgr control). The host name must be valid and reachable over the network. Click Next to continue.

  8. On the Federation panel to federate the node in the future, check the check box...

      Federate this node later


    Do not enter the values for the dmgr to federate now as this will cause an unusable portal node.

  9. On the panel...

      Profile Creation Summary

    ...review the information collected by the wizard, and then click Create to create the profile with WebSphere Portal.

  10. Click Finish to exit PMT.
manageprofiles.sh cd WAS_HOME/bin
./manageprofiles.sh -create -templatePath 
/usr/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/profileTemplates/managed.portal -profileName testManagedPortal1 -profilePath /usr/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/profiles/testManagedPortal1 -cellName testCell -nodeName testNode -hostName myportal.myco.com

Use the continuation character "\" to avoid seeing the "not found" error message.

In this example, the profile template is installed under...


The new profile is named testManagedPortal1 and is located under...


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