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Configure Portal Search in a cluster on AIX

To support Portal Search in a clustered environment, install and configure search for remote search service on an IBM WebSphere Application Server node that is not part of the IBM WebSphere Portal cluster.

Configure remote search

  1. Install and configure the search service to work remotely, that is, on a remote WAS node which is not part of the portal cluster. We can provide the remote search service either as an EJB or as a web service via SOAP. Deploy the appropriate EJB or SOAP EAR file on the remote WAS node.

  2. Configure the search portlets for remote search service so that they access the remote server accordingly.

  1. If you have configured a remote search service for a portal cluster, configure the default location for search collections to a directory on the remote server that has write access.

  2. The portal site default search collection is created only once at the first time when an administrator selects the search administration portlet Manage Search. If this occurred before configuring the portlet for remote search, then the default portal site search collection is only available on the primary node of the cluster, but not on the remote server. In this case you need to re-create the portal site collection to make it available for search on all nodes of the cluster.

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