• Connecting to System i: Windows clients


    Connecting to System i: Windows clients


    Access and administer your system from your Microsoft® Windows® desktop through the iSeries™ Access for Windows licensed program, iSeries Navigator, and EZ-Setup. iSeries Navigator and EZ-Setup are included with iSeries Access for Windows. Using the following System i™ applications, you can use your PC desktop to access and administer your systems.

    • iSeries Access for Windows
      IBM iSeries Access for Windows provides industry-leading PC-to-server connectivity. It offers an all-inclusive client solution for accessing and using resources from your Windows desktop. iSeries Access for Windows includes 5250 emulation, access to DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for iSeries through its data transfer, access to the server's integrated file system and printers using iSeries NetServer, and more. It also has a variety of middleware for using and developing client applications to access the server's resources and includes iSeries Navigator for administering servers. iSeries Access for Windows is a licensed program.

    • EZ-Setup
      EZ-Setup is an application that simplifies server setup by identifying the server's business use and presenting a customized list of tasks. These tasks include wizards and step-by-step information for completing a server setup.

    • iSeries Navigator
      iSeries Navigator is the primary graphical user interface for administering and managing System i environments. With iSeries Navigator, perform many functions with ease by incorporating wizards, customizable displays, and a wide variety of applications. All iSeries Navigator components are included with iSeries Access for Windows.


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