Operations Console


The Operations Console acts as a system console for you to access and administer your systems.

IBM® facilitates interaction with your systems by providing management consoles that can be accessed through terminals and PCs. The Operations Console is an installable component of iSeries™ Access for Windows®. Using Operations Console, you can access and control the console and control panel functions either locally or remotely through one or many PCs, which facilitates many administrative functions.

Operations Console uses 5250 emulation provided by either iSeries Access for Windows or IBM Personal Communications to emulate a console. To emulate a system control panel, Operations Console provides a graphical remote control panel or virtual control panel. To enable communications between a system and a PC, Operations Console can use a local area network (LAN) and TCP/IP connections, or can use direct cable attachment. It supports dial-in connections from remote PCs to PCs that are directly attached to systems. These remote PCs can then function as a console, which allows easier system management and access.

Operations Console support is available with V5R2 and later releases of the i5/OS® operating system. IBM iSeries 270 and 8xx models support only Operations Console as their PC console.

Enhanced authentication and data encryption provide network security for console procedures. Operations Console network connections use a variety of Secured Sockets Layer (SSL), that supports device and user authentication without certificates.

If you plan to use Operations Console to manage System i™ hardware, see the Managing Operations Console topic collection in the IBM Systems Hardware Information Center.


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