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Read this information to understand the various business applications that are available on the server. Business applications work in conjunction with your existing enterprise applications and server components to increase productivity in an easy-to-use environment.

IBM Welcome Page V1.1
IBM Welcome Page V1.1 is an integral starting point for IBM Business Solutions. IBM Welcome Page helps you configure business application components, such as components for the IBM Telephone Directory V5.2 and IBM Survey Creator V1.0 applications. It enables you to set up and manage directory server, Secure sockets layer (SSL) client, Sametime, and Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) properties from one accessible location.

IBM Telephone Directory V5.2
The IBM Telephone Directory V5.2 application works like an online telephone directory and provides the ability to search, view, and manage entries in a directory. This application provides new integration features and enhanced installation options. Use IBM Telephone Directory V5.2 to manage users and passwords in a directory that is used to secure access to various Web applications.

IBM Survey Creator V1.0
IBM Survey Creator V1.0 is a Web-based application that provides the ability to create, configure, and manage online surveys.