IBM Survey Creator V1.0


The IBM® Survey Creator V1.0 application is a part of the IBM Business Solutions Version 1.0 (5722-BZ1) product.

IBM Survey Creator is a Web-based application that provides the ability to create, configure, and manage surveys. This application provides you with a product that you can use to help create your own web based applications. IBM Survey Creator uses an LDAP directory server to retrieve survey information and can be used with a directory that is already set up for your existing applications. You can use an existing LDAP directory for IBM Survey Creator, or you can create a new directory with the Web administration graphical user interface (GUI) or the IBM Welcome Page V1.1 application.

The IBM Welcome Page application (also part of the IBM Business Solutions product) must be installed and configured before you deploy the IBM Survey Creator application. All business solutions applications are dependent upon IBM Welcome Page as an entry point for installation.

IBM Survey Creator provides these functions:


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