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IBM Redbook - WebSphere eXtreme Scale



    1. Overview
    2. Monitoring
    3. Monitoring with the Tivoli Performance Viewer
    4. Monitoring MBeans statistics with wsadmin
    5. Monitoring MBean statistics in JConsole
    6. Monitoring with vendor tools


    1. Install with an existing WAS
    2. Install stand-alone WXS
    3. Apply maintenance

    eXtreme Scale with Portal

    1. When to use WXS with Portal
    2. Integration configuration and environment
    3. Integration details

    eXtreme Scale with WebSphere Commerce

    1. Why use WXS with Commerce?
    2. Dynamic cache service
    3. What to expect when using WXS
    4. Integrate WXS with Commerce
    5. Monitoring considerations
    6. Sizing guidance

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