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Install a CIP to apply maintenance to an existing product installation

You can apply maintenance packages to an existing product installation by installing a customized installation package (CIP). The process of applying maintenance to an existing installation with a CIP is commonly referred to as a slip installation.

Before you begin

Create a build definition file to specify what options to include in the CIP. See Create a build definition file and generating a CIP for more information.

When applying maintenance with a CIP that contains a refresh pack, a fix pack, or both, all previously installed authorized program analysis reports (APAR) are uninstalled by the wizard. If the CIP is at the same level as the product, previously installed APARs remain only if they are packaged in the CIP.

To successfully apply maintenance to an existing installation, include the installed features in the CIP.


  1. Stop all processes that are running on the workstation you are preparing for installation.

    To stop the deployment manager, run the following script:

    • [Linux][Unix] profile_root/bin/

    • [Windows] profile_root\bin\stopManager.bat

    To stop the nodes, run the following script:

    • [Linux][Unix] profile_root\bin\

    • [Windows] profile_root\bin\stopNode.bat

  2. Run the following script to start the installation:

    • [Linux][Unix] CIP_home/bin/install

    • [Windows] CIP_home\bin\install.bat

  3. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the installation.

    The installation preview summary lists the resulting product version and any applicable features and interim fixes. Next, the wizard successfully applies the maintenance, and updates the features of the product.


The product binary files are copied to the was_root/properties/version/nif/backup directory. Use the IBM Update Installer to uninstall the update and restore the workstation. See Uninstall CIP updates from an existing product installation for more information.

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Create a build definition file and generating a CIP