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Create a build definition file and generating a CIP

The IBM Installation Factory plug-in for WebSphere eXtreme Scale generates a customized installation package (CIP) according to the details that you specify in the build definition file. The build definition specifies the product package to install, the location of the CIP, the maintenance packages to include in the installation, the install script files, and any additional files to include in the CIP.

Use the Build definition wizard to create a build definition file and generate a CIP.


  1. Run the following script from the IF_HOME/bin directory to start the Installation Factory:

    • [Unix][Linux]

    • [Windows] ifgui.bat

    Click the New Build Definition icon.

  2. Select the product to include in the build definition file, and click Finish to start the Build definition wizard.

  3. Follow the prompts in the wizard.

    On the Install and Uninstall Scripts panel, click Add Scripts... to populate the table with any customized installation scripts. Type the location of the script files, and clear the check box to continue if an error message is displayed. The operation is stopped by default. Click OK to return to the panel.


You created and customized the build definition file, and you generated the CIP if you chose to work in the connected mode.

If the Build definition wizard does not provide you with the option to generate the CIP from the build definition file, you can still generate it by running the script from the IF_HOME/bin directory.

What to do next

Install the CIP. See Install a CIP for more information.

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