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Uninstall CIP updates from an existing product installation

You can remove CIP updates from an existing product installation without removing the entire product. Use the IBM Update Installer v7.0.0.4 to uninstall any CIP updates. This task is also referred to as a slip uninstallation.

Before you begin

You must have at least one existing copy of the product installed on the system.


  1. Download v7.0.0.4 of the Update Installer from the following FTP site:

  2. Install the Update Installer. See Install the Update Installer for WebSphere Software in the WebSphere Application Server Information Center for more information.

  3. Uninstall any fix pack, refresh pack, or interim fix that you added to the environment after you installed the CIP.

  4. Uninstall any interim fixes that you included in the slip installation. This process is the same as uninstalling a single fix pack or refresh pack. However, the maintenance that was included in the CIP is now included in a single operation.

  5. Uninstall the CIP by using the Update Installer. The maintenance levels return to the pre-update state, and the CIP is denoted by the CIP identifier that is added as a prefix to its file name. The following example shows how a CIP is displayed differently than other regular maintenance packages on the maintenance package selection panel:



You successfully removed the CIP updates from an existing product installation.

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