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Bus members [Collection]

Bus members are the servers, WebSphere MQ servers and clusters that have been added to the bus.

Service integration -> Buses -> bus_name -> [Topology] Bus members .


The name of the bus member.


The resource type of the bus member (Server, Server Cluster, or WebSphere MQ Server)

Messaging engine policy assistance

A value that shows whether messaging engine policy assistance is set for the bus member when the bus member is a server cluster. If the Type is Server or WebSphere MQ Server, the value is Not applicable. For a Type of Cluster, the value can be Disabled, Enabled (High availability), Enabled (Scalability), Enabled (Scalability with high availability), or Enabled (Custom). The words in parentheses show the type of messaging engine policy assistance that is set. If the current configuration of the cluster is either not suitable or not complete for the type of messaging engine policy assistance that is set, a warning icon is also displayed.


Add Add a server, a cluster, or a WebSphere MQ server to a bus.
Remove Remove the selected bus members from the bus.

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