CIP build information

Use this panel to specify the name and location of the build definition file and the customized installation package (CIP). The Build Definition wizard creates the XML build definition file, which is used to generate the CIP. The build definition file is always saved to a directory path on the Build Definition wizard machine.

Build definition directory path and file name

Build definition directory path and file name.

We can think of the build definition file as a response file for the processing engine. The XML file provides the information that the processing engine needs to locate all of the components for the CIP. We can create a new build definition XML file or overwrite an existing one. Enter the directory path and file name, or click Browse to search for the directory and file.

CIP build directory path

Specifies the CIP build directory path.

Specify the directory where you want to create the CIP in the Customized Installation Package field. The Installation Factory creates the CIP and stores the CIP in the directory that you specify.

Enter the directory path and file name, or click Browse to select the directory.

[Windows] <p> The number of characters in the CIP build directory must be no more than 30 characters.

The processing engine reads the CIP location from the build definition file to determine where to store the CIP. Build definition and CIP validation is performed when you click Finish on the last panel to create the CIP. If the specified file already exists, then we are prompted to overwrite the current contents or we can specify a different file. File paths and file names must comply with the following guidelines:

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