CIP product installation image

Use this panel to provide the location of the directory that contains the installation image for WAS to be included in the customized installation image (CIP).

Product installation image directory path

Location of the directory for WAS ND installation image.

For WAS products, for example, WAS directory is the WAS directory on WAS disc or downloaded installation image.

We can also specify the parent directory, such as /tmp if the image is in the /tmp/WAS directory, for example. Enter the directory path or click Browse in connected mode to search for and select the existing directory.


The processing engine requires the directory to exist and to have a valid installation image that matched WAS that you selected with the Product selection wizard. In connected mode, validation occurs when you click Next. In disconnected mode, the processing engine performs validation while building the CIP.

Avoid trouble: If specify an installation image that spans multiple discs or images, specify the location of the first disc of the spanned image. If you enter the location of another disc other than the first disc, then the validation fails.

Disconnected mode affects file path specifications

The directory for the installation image must exist in connected mode. In disconnected mode, remember to specify the file path for the machine on which the processing engine machine runs. Specify the mount point for the CD drive on the target machine, for example. The processing engine must be able to locate the image at build time.

Bundled Maintenance

Whether to include the maintenance packages that are bundled with a feature pack.

This option is only available when creating a feature pack CIP. Feature Pack images contain bundled maintenance packages. We might either retain or remove them depending on the version of the target product. For example, if we are installing a Feature Pack for Web Services CIP onto a WebSphere product which is already at the required fix pack level, then we can remove the bundled fix pack because it will not be required.

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