CIP package identification

Use the Package identification panel to specify a universally unique identifier for the customized installation package (CIP).


Unique identifier for the CIP.

Type a descriptor. For example, if you work in a test environment, then we might use to identify test CIPs that you create. Suppose that you work at a local university. We might use as an identifer for CIPs created to install WAS updates on machines used by the media.

The package identifier is designed to be universally unique. You can install multiple CIPs on a single installation. Each CIP installs customization assets in the installation in a unique directory. The unique directory name is modelled after the unique identifier provided. For this reason, the identifier must be unique, and therefore a unique reverse domain notation with a version number is recommended.


Specifies a version number to help identify CIPs that you create.

For example, the version field is populated with We might want to start with that value and increment later CIP versions. The version number of the CIP does not have to reflect the version number of WAS ND.

Full package identifier

This read-only field shows the concatenation of the previous two fields.

The Installation Factory uses this full unique identifier as the name of a directory that holds the customized installation package. For example, the full package identifier might be File paths and file names must comply with the following guidelines:

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