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The wsadmin tool utilizes a set of management objects which allow you to execute commands and command parameters to configure the environment. Use the AdminConfig, AdminControl, AdminApp, AdminTask, and Help objects to perform admin tasks.

Each of the management objects have commands that we can use to perform admin tasks. To use the scripting objects, specify the scripting object, a command, and command parameters. In the following example, AdminConfig is the scripting object, attributes is the command, and ApplicationServer is the command parameter.


print AdminConfig.attributes('ApplicationServer')

Using Jacl:

$AdminConfig attributes ApplicationServer

Administrative functions within the appserver are divided into two categories:

Scripts work with both categories of objects. For example, an appserver is divided into two distinct entities. One entity represents the configuration of the server residings persistently in a repository on permanent storage.

Help object for scripted administration
Use AdminApp for scripted administration
Use AdminControl for scripted administration
Use the AdminConfig object for scripted administration
Use AdminTask for scripted administration


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